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Roadloans Preferred Dealers

Roadloans reviews

Roadloans Preferred Dealers

RoadLoans might celebrate a little different. I’m not sure how it is in your neck of the woods, but where I work, we get Monday off for that all important and meaningful Columbus Day. Thanks to Santander Consumer The great thing about holidays, other than not working of course, is that many auto dealerships use the holidays to have great sales. In fact, according to this article, all holidays have been co-opted by businesses for the purpose of making money.  Columbus Day is no different, obscure as it is.  Here is what the article has to say regarding the day named after the famous explorer Road Loans Reviews posted this below:

Columbus Day is another holiday that has been siezed upon by car dealerships, who are always on the lookout for excuses to run a sale. Regular TV viewers can probably recite the myriad “Columbus Day sales event” ads they hear on the days leading up to and following the holiday, which was intended as nothing more than a day to reflect upon the man who first sailed to the New World. Exactly what this has to do with buying or selling cars, we may never know.


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